People who write about baseball aren’t the only ones who are confounded about this decision

We’re still in the early stages of the season, but we’re already seeing some weird stuff go on around baseball. The Blue Jays are seven games under .500. The Reds and Twins are currently both a few games above .500. Meanwhile, the Cardinals are 3-8, and for some reason they’re still playing Matt Adams in left field.

Adams is a first baseman and a pretty decent one, at that. However, St. Louis has had Adams in left field and nobody really knows why. Dave Cameron of FanGraphs wrote at length about the experiment, and it’s clear that it doesn’t make sense to him. Our friends over at Viva El Birdos are just as confused about the entire thing.

People who write about baseball aren’t the only ones who are confounded about this decision, either. Tommy Pham caught wind of the FanGraphs article on Twitter and gave it a like. Retweets may not equal endorsements in the land of Twitter, but likes certainly speak for themselves.

What should also speak for itself is the result of the Adams experiment. Although you should normally not take defensive metrics too seriously during the early stages of the season, the numbers seem to indicate that putting a first baseman in left field is not going to be beneficial for either the player or the team as a whole. Also, as the FanGraphs article showed, Adams is failing the eye test. It’s just all bad right now, and you have to wonder how long St. Louis will be willing to keep this going.

After making a mark on the field in college, he’ll be a contributor for whichever team drafts him, but I’m also really looking forward to the moment when he’s picked and NFL fans realize there’s an incoming rookie who was named after a musician who debuted in the 1990s. And he might not be the NFL’s last of his namesake, with former four-star DT Raekwon Davis a rising sophomore at Alabama.

Most overrated prospects include Alvin Kamara, Budda Baker

It looks like a standard HORNS set, with LeBron James setting up at the elbow and another forward stationed on the opposite side. Once Kyrie Irving swings it to the wing, they toss the ball to LeBron in the high post. By that point, Irving looks to be in the middle of a shuffle cut, but hell stop to seal his own guy and give James a lane to drop the touch backdoor pass. Only LeBron can make that delivery in that way.
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Mens DeAndre Washington Jersey Though we now associate this play with LeBron and the Cavs, every play is stolen from somewhere. This is the exact Spurs play I highlighted in Easter Egg No. 33 last year.

Every year during the NFL Draft process, due to media excitement and/or NFL team optimism, prospects are pushed up draft boards to points that exceed actual value. This year is no exception.

These 10 prospects, arranged by position, are either inflated by those covering the 2017 NFL Draft or overvalued by teams that might take them a round or two early.

Youre DeAndre Jordan. You know youre already at a disadvantage covering most guards, much less James Harden. You know that Harden is equally capable of shooting the three, attacking the hoop, or stopping on a dime to change directions. You also know that he can find the open man, and that you might need to deal with a screen at any angle. Youre not capable of accelerating and decelerating like Harden does. Plus, you know that if he gets a step, you cant chop your arms down and foul him.

Ranking NFL teams that most need to draft a quarterback

The Bears signed Tampa Bay backup Mike Glennon. The 49ers signed Bears backup Brian Hoyer. The Jets went for Browns backup Josh McCown. The Texans are going with backup Tom Savage after trading former starter Brock Osweiler. Who knows what the Browns are doing.

Next year’s quarterback class will almost certainly be better. Sam Bradford, Kirk Cousins, Drew Brees and Jimmy Garoppolo are among the unrestricted free agents. USC’s Sam Darnold and UCLA’s Josh Rosen are among the top college QBs who will be draft-eligible.

Still, some teams need quarterbacks right now and are expected to draft QBs later this month. Cleveland, the New York Jets, Arizona and Houston are among the teams that could pick one in the first round from a group of four QBs: Mitch Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes and DeShone Kizer. Of course, teams will be trying to find the next Dak Prescott in the middle to late rounds of the draft.

Right-hander Kendall Graveman has been placed on the 10-day disabled list by the Oakland Athletics with a strained right shoulder.

Graveman started Opening Day in place of the injured Sonny Gray and began the season 2-0 with a 2.00 ERA in his first three starts. But he exited after just five innings and 74 pitches Friday against Houston, and manager Bob Melvin said afterward the pitcher couldn’t get loose. Both Melvin and Graveman expected he would make his next start.

Graveman now thinks he’ll only be skipped once.
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“I think if we give it a couple more days then we’ll be back to normal, back to where we need to be,” Graveman said. “I expect to miss one start, and then come back on the road.”

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Todd McShay projected Trubisky to the Texans in his latest mock draft

Limited Youth Stefan Charles Jersey If Watson is available, he’s the best option there is in the draft. Like every other quarterback prospect this year, he needs time to develop to succeed at the next level, but he’s got the right combination of skills to have a long, productive NFL career.

There are concerns about Trubisky’s single season of starting experience, but his 30 touchdowns against six interceptions in his final season at UNC stand out. Trubisky can make plays with his legs, but it was a last resort for him in college. He prioritizes the pass, which makes him a decent fit for O’Brien’s offense.

There’s no guarantee Trubisky will still be available when Houston picks. If he is, he’s probably their next best option after Watson.

Todd McShay projected Trubisky to the Texans in his latest mock draft, though Trubisky to Houston isn’t a popular pick. Under 7 percent of mock drafts have Trubisky going to the Texans.

Jonathan Casillas Elite Jersey Over at Cincy Jungle, they note that this isn’t a “huge” game for Cincinnati, but that a win is still important for the division:

The Bengals don’t need a statement game, just a win. The bye week awaits afterward and is sorely needed to give this battered team some rest and recovery time before the stretch run to the postseason. They must man-up for three hours and take care of business before they are permitted to exhale though. A loss would make for a needlessly close race for the division. Cleveland is a team on the rise, to be sure, but they are not built as soundly as Cincinnati.

Portland won the season series over Denver

Winnipeg could have been in a position to take a run at the Western Conference playoff standings, but their health deteriorated over the last few months. Eight players, including Laine and Byfuglien, have fallen prey to the injury bug.

Would the Jets have made the climb to the postseason even with their key players uninjured? Who knows. But no one likes losing almost double-digits in players to injury, especially over a few weeks’ time. Just ask the Penguins.

Portland claimed the No. 8 seed over the Nuggets, who have fallen back to the pack. A devastating Trail Blazers head-to-head win on Tuesday makes every game down the stretch crucial for both teams.

Current tiebreaker: Portland won the season series over Denver, 3-1.

Who has the tougher schedule? Portland finishes with six of its final eight games at home, while Denver plays six of its final eight games on the road. The Trail Blazers, though, see the Jazz twice, take on the Rockets and have a tough matchup against the Spurs.

The new season of Big Bang Theory is going to turn their world UP-SIDE-DOWN [dramatic music]. There’s a new neighbor for those nerds and he loves … [record scratch] SPORTS?!

Tony Romo joins the cast as “Truck Runnels,” a former college football player who hates three things: Millennials, nerds and hi-jinx — and Truck’s about to learn that this crew rolls deep with all three.

Did we mention Truck used to go to the same college as Sheldon and they hate each other? Because YEAH that’s a thing. Big Bang Theory will never be the same again. Or will it? — James Dator

Bubba Watson and Danny Willett skipped balls over the water and onto the 16th green at Augusta

Just a regular practice round at Augusta National Golf Club. Nothing to see here beyond some professional golfers absolutely blowing our minds with how they can lackadaisically, seemingly break the laws of physics.

It didn’t generate a dime for the players who actually were the show, of course.
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Roy Williams earns a half-million in base salary and $1.5 million in deferred compensation every year as a public employee in North Carolina, plus a reported extra $925,000 for winning the title. This money comes from the basketball budget, which is infused with that sweet, sweet basketball revenue. You could say Williams is singularly responsible for growing that pot and should reap the rewards. His ultra-talented players might have something to say about that.

George Iloka Womens Jersey In the social media age, players are beginning to fight back en masse. On Monday night, Frank Kaminsky and J.J. Redick — hardly two revolutionaries — were the loudest voices calling for players to be paid. The consensus is growing. Something has to give. Last year’s top four defensive ends are gone, however, which means redshirt freshman Cameron Alexander — the star of Caragher’s 2016 recruiting class — needs to produce immediately. If he doesn’t, I’m not sure who will.

The backbone — defensive tackles, middle linebacker, safeties — could be excellent. Or at least, it will be experienced. Every tackle returns, including juniors Owen Roberts and Bryson Bridges, who combined for 14 tackles for loss and six sacks last year. Throw in junior linebacker Frank Ginda (11.5 TFLs) and safeties Maurice McKnight and Trevon Bierria (combined: two TFLs, 13 passes defensed), and that’s a good spine.

Adam Duvall could have hit himself in the face with a home run

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Also that day, Arkansas’ conference, the SEC, announced a new clear bag policy, banning purses, binocular bags, backpacks, and any other non-clear containers that are bigger than tiny. It expands on a similar policy already enforced by the Razorbacks. Lots of sports teams do this, many of them saying the guidance comes from the Department of Homeland Security.

So starting in 2018, we could have one building containing dozens of guns, quite a few drunk people with guns, armed people from out of state who are rooting for the other team, officials who are ruling against Arkansas, high emotional stakes, and people with guns filing out of the stadium to do more tailgating, with the same repeating on a smaller scale at Arkansas State and Central Arkansas.

[State rep Greg Leding, whose district includes the university,] said it was ‘ridiculous’ to allow someone with a loaded weapon into a Razorback football game.

The sad part is Ichiro not being able to even fathom what retirement is like, and suggesting “I’ll just die” once he’s done playing baseball. Like, it’s a great line and a better headline, but also, hey wait a second, Ichiro, life isn’t all work, you know. We need to find Ichiro some extracurricular activities. He doesnt’ want to be on the couch, so they need to be active, probably outdoorsy. We’ve got seven years, everyone: He’s not planning on retiring until 50. We can figure this out for the sake of one of our favorites.

Al Woods Jersey Predictions! Features! A theme! The 2017 SB Nation MLB preview is here, and you can read all of it. In fact, we encourage you to do so. Be warned, though, there is a whole lot of it, so make sure to take breaks and stay hydrated. The last part isn’t necessary to read, it’s just good advice.

Just a liiiittle bit more to the left here, and Adam Duvall could have hit himself in the face with a home run. Well, his face on a video board, anyway. Point is, he hit the ball very far.