NBA free agency rumors: Why Cavs signing Derrick Rose does (and doesn’t) make sense

The Cavs’ offseason has been, to use Kyrie Irving’s word, peculiar. While the rival Warriors reloaded by re-signing Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant and possibly improved by adding a few key role players (Nick Young, Omri Casspi and rookie Jordan Bell), the Cavs parted ways with general manager David Griffin and vice president of basketball operations Trent Redden and made few moves on the free-agent market (retaining Kyle Korver and adding Jose Calderon and Jeff Green).
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Only six MVPs have been point guards, and they’ve been players known to take excellent care of the ball.

Even with 19 games to go, Westbrook already has more turnovers than point guards Steve Nash (276) and Rose had (278) in their MVP seasons.

It’s fair to mention that Westbrook has the ball in his hands more than anybody. He leads the NBA in usage percentage (42.1), which estimates the percentage of team plays used by a player while he’s on the floor. With players that involved, turnovers are going to happen, but this much for an MVP? Come on.

There’s no denying that Westbrook’s season has been absurd. He scores from everywhere on court, skies for rebounds and pushes the pace like he’s some superhero playing slam ball.
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Westbrook just doesn’t measure up with MVPs of the past, and the numbers support that.

Flopping was one of Divac’s fortes during his 16-year playing career, and, through less than two seasons, it appears he’s doing the same as a top-level front office executive. So, while Hield’s uptick in production can’t eliminate the idiocy of the Kings’ agreeing to the Pelicans’ trade terms (because there couldn’t have been much negotiation), it does provide a glimmer of hope amid another gloomy season for a franchise that hasn’t played in a postseason game since the first iPhone was still a year away from reaching consumers.

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