Portland won the season series over Denver

Winnipeg could have been in a position to take a run at the Western Conference playoff standings, but their health deteriorated over the last few months. Eight players, including Laine and Byfuglien, have fallen prey to the injury bug.

Would the Jets have made the climb to the postseason even with their key players uninjured? Who knows. But no one likes losing almost double-digits in players to injury, especially over a few weeks’ time. Just ask the Penguins.

Portland claimed the No. 8 seed over the Nuggets, who have fallen back to the pack. A devastating Trail Blazers head-to-head win on Tuesday makes every game down the stretch crucial for both teams.

Current tiebreaker: Portland won the season series over Denver, 3-1.

Who has the tougher schedule? Portland finishes with six of its final eight games at home, while Denver plays six of its final eight games on the road. The Trail Blazers, though, see the Jazz twice, take on the Rockets and have a tough matchup against the Spurs.

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