Raptors player’s tomahawk dunk attempt got stuck on the rim

Norman Powell has been incredible since he was introduced into the Toronto Raptors’ starting lineup against the Milwaukee Bucks. He’s been a flamethrower from three-point range, and is throwing down incredible dunks.

When the screener is Clint Capela or Nene, there’s time for the Spurs defender to recover, because the only move after the screen for those two is to roll toward the basket or float to the top of the three point line to reset the offense.
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Roy Halladay Game Jersey The real threat is when Anderson sets the screen. He’s always trying to free himself for a three pointer after setting the screen, which means Harden’s man has to stick with Anderson while the Spurs big man has to stick with Harden. Expect this to be Aldridge, as much as Houston can get it.

Mike D’Antoni is notorious for finding something that works and fastidiously exploiting it until his opponent changes tactics.

There is a hilarious converse to this. In the instances where the switch happens and Harden takes a three, Popovich appears to have instructed his big man to run the floor right away for a cherry picking basket. Both Aldridge and Gasol got away with this move. Harden baked them at the three point line, but he missed the shot and they got an easy dunk because they put their head down and ran right after he released.

It’s funny to see one of them all alone on the offensive end of the floor for a dunk.

This whole theory could apply to Mills or Parker if Leonard is guarding Harden and having success.