Adam Duvall could have hit himself in the face with a home run

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Also that day, Arkansas’ conference, the SEC, announced a new clear bag policy, banning purses, binocular bags, backpacks, and any other non-clear containers that are bigger than tiny. It expands on a similar policy already enforced by the Razorbacks. Lots of sports teams do this, many of them saying the guidance comes from the Department of Homeland Security.

So starting in 2018, we could have one building containing dozens of guns, quite a few drunk people with guns, armed people from out of state who are rooting for the other team, officials who are ruling against Arkansas, high emotional stakes, and people with guns filing out of the stadium to do more tailgating, with the same repeating on a smaller scale at Arkansas State and Central Arkansas.

[State rep Greg Leding, whose district includes the university,] said it was ‘ridiculous’ to allow someone with a loaded weapon into a Razorback football game.

The sad part is Ichiro not being able to even fathom what retirement is like, and suggesting “I’ll just die” once he’s done playing baseball. Like, it’s a great line and a better headline, but also, hey wait a second, Ichiro, life isn’t all work, you know. We need to find Ichiro some extracurricular activities. He doesnt’ want to be on the couch, so they need to be active, probably outdoorsy. We’ve got seven years, everyone: He’s not planning on retiring until 50. We can figure this out for the sake of one of our favorites.

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Just a liiiittle bit more to the left here, and Adam Duvall could have hit himself in the face with a home run. Well, his face on a video board, anyway. Point is, he hit the ball very far.