This looks like a Thursday night game, but it’s this week’s edition of Monday Night Football

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Wes Hopkins Jersey The Colts head coach is still confident in the young running back, however, and says that a lot of the problems have been out of his control.

“You look at Trent’s runs, for whatever reason, there’s penetration, a guy is pulling and falls down,” Pagano said. “There’s a guy in the backfield waiting there. He had some really good runs, plays that he made in space, screens, things like that he does a great job with. That’s going to come.”

Finally, the kind of AFC West matchup we’ve come to expect, one-sided. Five points, even for Alex Smith, is just a starting point for this one. The Chiefs should win this one by 10 points or more.

This looks like a Thursday night game, but it’s this week’s edition of Monday Night Football. Good news for Washington fans is that three hours with Jon Gruden will actually give you a break from the hot sprots raining down on RGIII at the moment. Sure, Gruden says positive things about everyone, whether they deserve it or not, but after the last five days, those platitudes will taste like Champagne.

But it’s Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning? When was the last time those two quarterbacks and their respective teams played a close game against each other? Last season’s Manning/Brady bowl was a flop; the Broncos won by 10 and it never felt that close. The probability that the week’s most-anticipated game will be the best is almost zero. Even last week’s game between the Chiefs and Broncos underwhelmed compared to the Monday night game.

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