I’d say neither of those assumptions is correct.

The Jaguars tried their very best to give away last week’s game to the Chargers, but they couldn’t. Despite Blake Bortles continuing to be Blake Bortles, they’re just flat-out better than the Browns. Against this defense, the Browns should really concentrate on not getting DeShone Kizer maimed for life. (Hey, no Joe Thomas, another reminder of what a trash pile this season has been.)

Blaine Gabbert gets his second start for the Cardinals, and the Jaguars are entitled to rub their hands together in glee over that. While Gabbert was serviceable against the Texans … this defense isn’t that of the Texans.

Now that we’re halfway though the 2017 season, I believe the Cowboys have become increasingly used to the situation.

The Chiefs are still fifth in the NFL in scoring and yardage, and they are coming off a bye. Andy Reid-coached teams are 16-2 lifetime coming off byes. To be fair, though, it doesn’t exactly take Lombardi to figure out how to get his team to beat New York.

Try to comfort yourselves about the star players and starting quarterbacks continuing to drop like flies … by celebrating something of a throwback weekend in Week 11. There are some classic rivalries being renewed that should warm the hearts of old-school fans and make them forget about the usual parade of carts on the field, and how concussion protocols are regressing to the “how many fingers” days.

The Rams and Vikings, tied for the second-best record in the NFC, play in Minneapolis. For seven straight years, from 1973-79, one or the other played in the NFC title game, twice facing each other. The Rams are back in their old home in the Coliseum; too bad this game won’t be in the old Met in Bloomington, outdoors, like in the NFL Films montages.

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