With Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey in line for a long-term pact

Ever wonder why we make such a big deal out of NFL player contracts? Like, at the end of the day, why do fans really care how much money the players make? It’s not the fans’ money, and as long as the team can work the salary cap, what does it really matter whether the top wide receivers make $15 million a year or $17 million a year or $19 million a year?
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Kids Lucas Duda Jersey Two of the game’s biggest superstars — Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr. and Texans defensive end J.J. Watt — left their games with season-ending injuries. This is a fact of NFL life, of course, but it makes the game worse when the inevitable injury attrition deprives its most thrilling players of a chance to perform.

That’s the effect the injuries have on us as fans, but the effect on the players themselves is far more significant. There’s the despair over not being able to play, the pain and frustration that comes with a long rehab, and, of course, the economic consequences.

Tight end is an incredibly shallow and fickle fantasy position. This season, only 11 tight ends are averaging at least 40 yards per game, with Davis among them. With Jordan Reed’s variant health, Davis is third on the team in routes run and second in yards per game since Week 3. For a stroll down Narrative Street, it helps to consider Davis is facing his former team this week.

If Reed’s potential return to a fuller batch of routes proves too risky for you, consider the 49ers’ George Kittle enjoyed a breakout in Week 5 and now faces a Washington defense allowing the most yards per game in the league to tight ends. — McCormick

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