No ‘awkwardness’ for Chiefs thanks to bonding of Alex Smith Jersey, Patrick Mahomes Jersey

Alex Smith’s final preseason as Kansas City’s starting quarterback began in the same locale that the Pony Express originated.

Only in his case, the ride has not been nearly as bumpy as the ride experienced by those pioneering mailmen. Thanks to the attitude of Smith’s heir apparent, the bumpiness Smith thought could transpire this summer has been absent.

One of the ancillary benefits to the Chiefs holding training camp away from club headquarters is greater opportunity for teammates to connect while on the road. Smith says that bonding has occurred between him and Patrick Mahomes, the big-armed rookie Kansas City drafted in the first round to ultimately take his place.

The 49ers’ new management retained Kerley with a three-year contract extension in March but, thanks in part to the preseason performances of younger receivers, eventually decided to release the 28-year-old. Kerley is young and talented enough to be coveted by multiple teams in need of depth at wide reciever.
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The Lions released their linebacker in March after he had missed too many starts due to injury in relation to the contract extension he signed in 2015, and the situation with Detroit has turned messy. Questions around the knee on which he had offseason surgery will make it difficult for him to land with a new team in 2017.

A Hall of Fame-caliber career has not outweighed Mangold’s age and recent injury history (ankle) in terms of his chances of being signed to a new team after 11 years as the Jets’ starting center. Not yet, at least 鈥?he might be an injury away from another gig in the NFL.

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