Watch Nashville’s (yes, Nashville’s) hype video for its Predators

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Well, things are officially serious before Game 6 of the NHL Western Conference Final in Nashville.

The Predators have a hype video (remember this hashtag: #Fangarang) courtesy of local comedy duo Austin and Colin for Monday’s game against the Ducks.

The only problem is the lower-third graphic said the Predators were headed to the Stanley Cup Finals.

First, the Predators are going to the conference finals for the first time in the franchise’s 18-year history. Second, the NHL’s championship series is not called the Finals, like the NBA. It is simply the Stanley Cup Final.

Robby Fabbri Authentic Jersey It’s understandable for hockey neophytes to make a mistake like calling the Final, the Finals. But a news organization missing on the correct round of the playoffs is not a good look, especially for Nashville’s NBC affiliate, which aired Sunday’s clinching win over the Blues.

Hang in there, Nashville. You’ll get there. WSMV might want to keep that lower-third graphic handy just in case the Preds win their next series against the Ducks or the Oilers 鈥?minus the s, of course.

We all know everyone loves a winner, but during the formative years, it was hard to see this level of support ever coming to fruition for the Predators. Media analysts like to call the NHL a niche sport that can’t generate big TV ratings or the huge rights fees other major pro sports leagues can command (led of course by the NFL).

Well, the Predators have been getting close to football-like double digit TV ratings in the Nashville market during this playoff run. And the local fervor will only get stronger with the Stanley Cup Final up next.

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