the Clippers leaders don’t seem to be worried.

Austin Rivers has been one of the players to heed the call. Rivers is averaging 18.8 points over his last 10 games. He’s increased his points per game by seven from his season average.

With all the drama the Clippers have seen this season, they’re still 30-17 and now have Griffin back. And he couldn’t have come back sooner with a big game against the Warriors looming on Saturday.

“We know what we have to do,” Griffin said. “Nobody is going to weep for us. We’ve had our tough breaks, but we are still standing.”

The next few weeks will tell us how steady the Clippers’ standing is. If L.A. can remain in the fourth spot while Paul is out, the team could be in prime position for a second-round matchup with the Warriors. If not, the Clippers could face a first-round series on the road against a tough Western Conference foe.

Either way, the Clippers leaders don’t seem to be worried.

“I want a ring,” Jordan said. “I’m not settling for anything else. It’s our time, we gonna get through this.”

Blake Bortles was entering a pivotal year in 2017 regardless. Now Jacksonville has Tom Coughlin running the show, and the team’s new football czar might not be as patient with the quarterback who has thrown 51 interceptions in three seasons.

The defense needs to help with the turnover margin, too, which is why corner A.J. Bouye and safety Barry Church were signed in free agency. Not to mention Calais Campbell, a new menacing force for the defensive line.rangers_136-115x115

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