Most overrated prospects include Alvin Kamara, Budda Baker

It looks like a standard HORNS set, with LeBron James setting up at the elbow and another forward stationed on the opposite side. Once Kyrie Irving swings it to the wing, they toss the ball to LeBron in the high post. By that point, Irving looks to be in the middle of a shuffle cut, but hell stop to seal his own guy and give James a lane to drop the touch backdoor pass. Only LeBron can make that delivery in that way.
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Mens DeAndre Washington Jersey Though we now associate this play with LeBron and the Cavs, every play is stolen from somewhere. This is the exact Spurs play I highlighted in Easter Egg No. 33 last year.

Every year during the NFL Draft process, due to media excitement and/or NFL team optimism, prospects are pushed up draft boards to points that exceed actual value. This year is no exception.

These 10 prospects, arranged by position, are either inflated by those covering the 2017 NFL Draft or overvalued by teams that might take them a round or two early.

Youre DeAndre Jordan. You know youre already at a disadvantage covering most guards, much less James Harden. You know that Harden is equally capable of shooting the three, attacking the hoop, or stopping on a dime to change directions. You also know that he can find the open man, and that you might need to deal with a screen at any angle. Youre not capable of accelerating and decelerating like Harden does. Plus, you know that if he gets a step, you cant chop your arms down and foul him.

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